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Welcome Home!

My souls purpose is to help you connect with your higher souls guidance in a clear and grounded way, so that you can live in alignment with your life’s purpose. My intention is to be a guide that introduces you to who you really are.

Here’s how I’ll get you there:

The podcast (My Leap of Faith) was created primarily as a channel for me to share what I’ve learned along my journey with you. The topics are channeled messages and lessons straight from my Soul that I translate into everyday life experiences to help us all understand and integrate. I do this as a way to show you how the lessons can be applied in your own journey. And to let you know you’re not in this alone…. I’m on the journey too. There are many of us awakening at this time and I feel the pull to bring connection to those in this process.

For the fist time in my life I feel I’m making a difference in my own life and of those around me. By vibrating at a higher frequency, I’m able to bring a centered love to all that resonate with me and this magical Leap Of Faith. I’m very clear this is a journey, and I think it will always be a journey (not a destination) of growth, love and connection.

I’m sending you the most pure light and am honored to be with you on your magical awakening.

With Love,


My Tools


Shamanic Practitioner : Human Design : Gene KeysReiki : Sound 

My Mentors...

The Hive (My Fractals)

You fill me each and everyday with the nectar of life, I hold you all in such divine gratitude for walking this journey with me.

Zaneta Ra (144 Oracle)

From the moment I received Angelic Pearls 144 I knew we were connected.  Having you by my side in this lifetime means more than words can express.

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona (Andean Shaman)

He nurtured me and my relationship with ancestral healing traditions from the Andean people of Peru. I’ve learned new ways to connect with Gaia and share the breath of life with others.

Lori A. Andrus (Founder of Crystal Shaman School) 

She introduced me to my gifts and helped me see how I could use them to help others. She taught me how to give and receive love from Gaia, the Elements, Ancestors, Guides, etc.

Pontea Dianati, PhD (Integrative Life Coach)

She reminded me who I was and helped me to fall back in love with myself and life again. She introduced me to Energy, Chakras, Feng Shui, Crystals, Being an Empath, Goddesses, Rituals, Reiki, Meditation, and Trusting my Intuition.

Join me on my journey…

Listen to my weekly podcast to hear how I’m taking the leap and discovering the magic of trusting my own intuition.