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Podcast Reviews

“Thank you for reminding us why we do this Hard Stuff, why we chip away at the hurt until we break through to the other side.  Our liberation awaits, on that other side…  Thank you for always pulling us upwards G, bringing us with you through the muck, straight to the golden sweet HONEY of life itself.”



“I found this podcast and am completely entranced. I’ve begun my spiritual journey late last year and just this month have found Gabrielle! She is so real and forthcoming in her raw, emotional stories. I am addicted to G’s voice and I actually listen to each episode like two times so that my soul can evaporate the divine messages. The information that G sends to us is so personal and fits into my spirit like a puzzle piece. I feel such a connection to Gabrielle. I thank my spirit (Higher Self and Guides) everyday for steering me to this wonderful human. Thank you so much for being there for me and for us all who are on our spiritual journey. With you I feel comfortable trying to find my true purpose in life.”



“I just LOVE this podcast! Each episode has been relatable, useful, and empowering. I feel she is just like most of us: grew up and lived a “normal” life among the rat race, but deep down knowing there was something more. After you listen to the first couple of episodes, you realize that this is all somewhat new to her too, and she is taking you on her journey of self-realization and awakening. What I love about this is that she is proving that you don’t need a long list of pre-requisites in order to remember your gifts. She’s not a guru, she didn’t grow up in an ashram, she hasn’t been studying this for decades, and she’s not a medium. She’s just like you and me, and she’s helping us find the practical tools and resources to expand.”



“I came upon this podcast searching to listen to one about crystals. It was meant to be! I had to start from the beginning and I am hooked! Love the rawness, unedited versions of each podcast. I can relate and wish to be on this journey with Gabrielle! I truly resonate with so much she has to say. I thank you and Richard for having you step out of your comfort zone to reach others in your amazing journey to enlightenment!”



“As so many things in my life, I stumbled on this podcast by sheer accident… or was it? This is a new world for me but so much of your beginning resonates with me. Thank you. I feel I am not alone in this journey and I absolutely feel your pain and struggles you are experiencing on your journey. You keep it real and that is so important.”



“I downloaded the “Intuition” episode. Within 10 seconds of hearing Gabriele’s voice I was instantly calmed. It’s like the feeling you get when you walk into a crystal shop and are awash in the most serene glitter. I just downloaded every episode.”


Session Reviews

“When I started listening to the My Leap Of Faith podcast, I binged as many episodes as I could.  Gabrielle speaks directly from her heart and you can feel it.  I was so inspired with her energy that I reached out and booked an Illumination session with her.  She responded so quickly and was informative and kind.

During our session I felt completely safe and comfortable.  It was as if I was back inside the womb.  Gabrielle was able to release energy that I had been carrying for a long time.  Before my session I had chest tightness for weeks.  After my session, it was gone.  She provided me with tools that I use everyday.  If you feel pulled to reach out to her.  Just do it.  You will not be disappointed.”



“I stumbled upon Gabrielle’s podcast, My Leap Of Faith as I am currently venturing through my spiritual journey. I found her voice to be soothing and the more I listened, the more I became interested in her message. I am definitely taking a leap of faith of my own and by listening to Gabrielle, I have come to know so much more about myself and my own beliefs. I reached out to Gabrielle with a question to which she promptly addressed in one of her podcasts and to my amazement I was then led to a session, an energy healing. I had no expectations going in; I asked what we would talk about but honestly, the topic I suggested was never explored.

What came through was so much more powerful than I could have ever imagined. During the session, stuck energy had a way of moving out to a better place. The experience was overwhelming, to say the least. When it was over, I just remember crying tears of gratitude and the feeling that was flowing through my body was unimaginable. I felt reborn, electrified, and elevated, all at the same time. I was on a high or on “cloud 9”. After the energy healing session, I felt as if I knew myself a little bit more intimately, and with the tools that Gabrielle left me with, I feel as if I have moved onwards with my journey.”



“I was blown away by the clarity my session with Gabrielle brought me.  I felt like the information was so on point and it helped me get back into my most aligned path.  The information and insight she communicated struck a chord with me and allowed me to take a step back and really listen to myself and make decisions form my soul calling and purpose in this life.  I was able to get clarity on my direction and the session brought me back to balance so I can listen to my heart and what is most aligned for me in this life.  During the session, she helped me clear out blockages which allowed me to feel more at peace and to come to some much needed realizations.  I am so grateful for her work.

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!”



“Gabrielle has always been loving and welcoming. She created a safe and well prepared space for our session, in which I could relax. It is beautiful to witness her authentic sharing of knowledge, and action as a conduit of healing. After our session, I felt grounded and empowered to take steps to bolster my wellbeing.”



“Working with Gabrielle has allowed me to understand my worth and to stand in my truth. The ability to shed the negativity has given me a new path to walk, one of self-care, self-love and honesty. With the turmoil that is happening in the world, it is crucial to take the time to look within yourself and identify your worth.”



After my session with Gabrielle, I felt more clarity and so much lighter. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for a long time. She lovingly aligned my chakras and guided me to a much healthier head space. She really helped me look deeply inward. There is so much love and light that radiates from her and her practices. I have a new love for crystals and their meanings. She definitely helped me begin my new journey of self healing. Gabrielle, thank you so much for the work you do. I truly believe that what you do will change so many lives for the better!


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