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Pearl Mysteries

No two Pearls are alike, but my hope is to document and show my process of ascension in order to help you find your path because this world needs us all to be fully embodied.  
I’ve been in the process of assimilating the bridge I came here to be and know this leap of sharing the mysteries with you is the next step in my journey.  In that way we are the same, deciding to open ourselves completely means letting go of our own and everyone else’s expectations. It means taking the greatest leap of your life into the greatest unknown, the depths of yourself, your soul and your purpose for being here now.
This process for me (as a fractal of you) will be authentic and heart led, I don’t know where it will end, but thats the point…. To completely surrender expectations.

I too am on a Spiral Journey of surrendering myself to the unknown.
In sharing my vulnerability, we will create an opening (the void) for a heart centered exchange.

Find Your Center

We embark on this journey in the center of the spiral of space and time with the 5th element of Aether. Known as the 13th or Mother Gateway, Aether breathes life into fractal patterns that birth creation into form… we become so still in the mind and open our other senses to dance with the Cosmic Void.

Pearls of Aether


Fire has the ability to move energy… including all of the elements (which is what you are made of).  This is the space of surrender and transmutation…  burning what is ready to rise in the flame like the phoenix.  Let Go and Release

Pearls of Fire


Every emotion that is suppressed or allowed to express is born in the Water that we are.  Remembering to flow like the waters allows your cosmic river to nourish you as you move into your next timeline… Our gifts are born in Water because they reside in our ability to feel the truth of who we are.

Pearls of Water

Light Seed

Authenticity is standing in your light while being deeply rooted in the Earth… knowing you are here for a reason and rooting deeply to support your path of becoming the seed of that light.  You were born to SEED YOUR LIGHT

Pearls of Earth


When we’ve learned how to connect our Cosmic Light to our Roots, we can now breath the Soul that we came here to seed, you become conscious of that movement.  Air helps us to embody and walk in these vessels, sharing all that we are in matter in this now time/space.  We become a fully opened bridge and are able to let more through each cycle of the spiral.

Pearls of Air