Octave I Spiral


Welcome to The Pearl Spiral

(We enter the spiral at the first stage in a Honeybee’s life cycle, here we are in the larval stage of development. In the hive the larva floats on a bed of royal jelly in each cell and is fed a combination of honey and pollen by the nurse bees.)

Allow this spiral to take you on a journey of incubation where you receive knowledge from the spirit realm.  A time of surrendering and becoming.  You are preparing and gathering knowledge to come into your own power. You will soon break through your own confinement and emerge ready to move through life.

This Octave Spiral includes all (20) Octave I Pearls.

You will have access to each Pearl as it is released.




Spiral includes the following bonus Nectar:

  • Elemental Movement (to help you surrender)
  • Elemental Allies (to call on for support)
  • Elemental Playlists (via Spotify)
  • Spiral Chat Support Group (via Telegram)
  • Monthly Support Circle (via Zoom)


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